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March Madness, Part Three: Seaside Heights

This continuation of the March Madness series takes place at none other than the infamous Jersey Shore, playground of the desolate and STD-ridden. Be on the lookout for a companion piece later this week about Your Guide to Surviving the Jersey Shore. Months ago we made plans to take Cheeks up on her offer of … Continue reading

Nine Reasons Not to Go to Law School

9. It’s nothing like you thought it was: Law school in reality, and not movieland, is a perverse form of middle school masquerading as a graduate program.  You’ve got your gunners (a technical LS term for supernerds, but exponentially more annoying), snipers, jocks and popular kids, environmental club kids, punks and hipsters. In your 1L year … Continue reading

March Madness, Part Two: Lepre-Con

This one’s a doozy- the War and Peace of drinking stories. Promise I’ll try to make future stories shorter. I suggest you crack open a cold one in preparation, or save some chunks for later this week when you’re supposed to be working at your job. Enjoy. The best part about the train ride to … Continue reading

So so so so, sooooo so sorry

My deepest apologies to those of you who were left waiting in the cold for March Madness: Part 2. I was out all weekend making incredibly bad decisions (one of them included my high school band director’s son and tequila). I super-duper, pinky-swear on Walt Disney’s grave that Part 2 will be finished by tomorrow.  … Continue reading

March Madness, Part One: A Brief History of Hoboken

These next stories are from March 2012, where The Gang (my beloved group of idiot friends and myself) celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by day drinking for three weekends straight, all over the tri-state area. Hangover, ahoy! In order to tell this story properly, I need to write A Brief History of Hoboken, with Lepre-con to follow … Continue reading

Timmy and the Jets

Tim Tebow may be coming to New Jersey, and I am devastated. How is this even possible? My favorite player in the history of the National Football League was just traded to the area, and I couldn’t be more upset. Why? Because Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets. From a young age, every Giant … Continue reading

the best way to tell a story is from the beginning

So fuck everyone, I’m starting in the middle. You have to assume something is wrong with your life when you find yourself having a mental breakdown in front of an Applebee’s at 3:30 on a Monday. Mascara was running down my face and onto the cover of my Contracts textbook. My nose was also running … Continue reading


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