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A long, long time ago (when I used to semi-regularly update this blog- remember that?) I said I wouldn’t post any stories about my job. Back in the day I was super grateful to have any job after quitting law school, even more so for a job in my college major field at a New … Continue reading

Shit Doesn’t Happen, aka Writer’s Block

I’ve been forcing myself to sit at my computer and write out the fourth entry in the March Madness series, but every time I type out exactly what we did that day it seems unworthy of a post and anticlimactic. And you deserve more than that. Long story short: we came, we drank, we watched … Continue reading

Birthday Cake

It’s been a while..been spending a lot of time at my new job, enjoying the beach, not giving a shit- I feel like this past Saturday warrants an entry. Still debating whether or not to complete part four of March Madness. It’s been a month since St. Pat’s, and I’m slightly over it. Who am … Continue reading

March Madness, Part Two: Lepre-Con

This one’s a doozy- the War and Peace of drinking stories. Promise I’ll try to make future stories shorter. I suggest you crack open a cold one in preparation, or save some chunks for later this week when you’re supposed to be working at your job. Enjoy. The best part about the train ride to … Continue reading

March Madness, Part One: A Brief History of Hoboken

These next stories are from March 2012, where The Gang (my beloved group of idiot friends and myself) celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by day drinking for three weekends straight, all over the tri-state area. Hangover, ahoy! In order to tell this story properly, I need to write A Brief History of Hoboken, with Lepre-con to follow … Continue reading


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Circa very late 2014/very early 2015.

Law school dropout. Lover of all things Disney. Exploring the vast wildlands of New Jersey and recording every second.


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