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Some thoughts

I’ve been staring at the post button for weeks, drafting the start of many funny mediocre entries. The recent happenings involving the Duggar family made it painfully easy for me to rage-rant this.

I forced myself to actually turn on Fox News tonight (yeesh) and watch the interview. I cringed, screamed, threw stuffed animals at the television, and cried. I sit here, alternatively typing and sobbing, baffled at the neglect from two adults who claimed they were the embodiment of family values and love. These people branded themselves as true blue Americans while spearheading national campaigns focused on hate. They spit fire at the GLBTQ community and cried persecution at every turn. They smiled through their lying teeth, selling their saccharine family as a product while pushing rotting bodies under the rug.

Something we all have to remember- liberals, conservatives, dinosaurs- there is absolutely no joy in the news of repeated sexual abuse of children. There is a very fine line between detailing the hypocrisy of a fallen family and reveling in the news that five of their neglected daughters were sexually assaulted. While I loathe the fact that a modern cult has been given copious airtime and millions of dollars in appearance fees, I take no delight in the actions that are bringing them down. I feel sorrowful for the girls that have been convinced that their gender played a role in their abuse. I feel terrified that at least 12 other children will have to grow up in this type of household-  the type that condemns all loving marriages and covers up blatant abuse.

The excuse that Josh was a child himself when he began abusing his sisters; the excuse that the media and other devious people are targeting them for their beliefs; the excuse that, “there is a difference between pedophiles and child molesters”; the excuse that releasing juvenile records is worse than fondling your sister’s breasts and genitalia; the excuse that you didn’t have to report it because you’re the abuser’s parents; the excuse that the girls didn’t know/care until they were told; the inexcusable excuses left their mouths so easily- it’s as if they actually believed the vile excrement they were spewing.

Megyn Kelly. True, of all the Fox News cronies you are probably the least unlikeable, which is like saying you’re the least unlikeable dental procedure. You and I have our moments, and I sometimes believe that there’s a glimmer of honesty in your eyes. Tonight you pandered to the lowest common denominator. You know that 1 in 5 girls is a victim of sexual abuse. Of that number, 3 of 4 victims knew their abuser. I looked up these facts, and it was triply confirmed when you goddamn said them yourself. As a woman, it was your opportunity to bring these facts to light, and be a voice for victims that have been suppressed. You were not tough. You were not fair. You enabled excuse after excuse, helping the deluded Duggar cult deny that they had done anything wrong, and deny that their daughters didn’t experience emotional and physical trauma at the hands of their brother. I held my breath during each question in the hope that you would have a pointed follow-up to their response; a note that the Duggars were clearly avoiding your direct inquiries in favor of their damaged, circular logic. It doesn’t matter that you let me down. It matters that you let down thousands of voiceless victims who won’t have an opportunity to share their story or force their abusers to be honest.

I made stupid mistakes when I was a kid. I screamed at my parents, was a general asshole, and spent my money on dumb shit. I still make stupid mistakes. Hell, this entire blog is based on the fact that my life is a never-ending litany of crappy choices. When I fuck up, I own it. When my parents called me out (which they did), I owned it. I fully understand the consequences of my actions, especially how they affect others, and I’ve gained empathy and sympathy by learning from my mistakes. Not reporting several instances of child abuse of your own daughters to the proper authorities is wanton neglect, disregard, and abuse in itself. It is not, above all else, Christian behavior. My God is a forgiving God, a merciful God, and a benevolent God, but he sees every damn thing I do. You bet your ass I’ll have to answer for my sins someday- will you be able to answer for yours?

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One thought on “Some thoughts

  1. Damn, girl…I’ve only been on this blog a few minutes, but I wish I’d met you up in New England and we’d been friends. This was the kind of thinking I was too scared to do until, like, last year–but it would have been awesome to see someone just SAYING that shit is shit. Especially over some of the obvious shit that for some reason gets coded as respectable.

    Posted by Harvard Law grad | 03.17.17, 10 pm, 10:18 PM

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Law school dropout. Lover of all things Disney. Exploring the vast wildlands of New Jersey and recording every second.


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